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ActivTrak Product Overview

​​​​​​​What Is ActivTrak™ ?

ActivTrak is one of the most comprehensive software tools available for monitoring employees’ online activities to ensure greater productivity and safety. This cloud-based monitoring software will track your workers’ application and web usage and report directly back to your account. With ActivTrak, you can install the program on a single workstation, or all workstations, and begin seeing statistical results in only a few minutes, better improving performance and workplace control. By opting to have the data collected stored in UK data centres, you can ensure that any information collected is processed under UK/EU jurisdiction.

What You Can Do With ActivTrak?

  • Monitor the applications and websites your workforce use
  • Silent and discrete software
  • Comprehensive reporting through central administrator dashboard
  • Improve overall team efficiency, engagement, productivity, and performance
  • Save on administration costs
  • Block specific or harmful websites that do not contribute to the benefit of your company (such as social media)
  • Send pop-up messages
  • Detect insider threats
  • Record idle time
  • Identify problems and serious internet abusers
  • Customise schedule monitoring for remote workers
  • Identify highly productive workflows to scale
  • Create alarms for specific actions, example if employees plug in USB drives

For a comprehensive list of features, click here.

Typical Clients Who Use ActivTrak

ActivTrak is used by more than 180,000 active users, mostly from the following sectors:

  • Small to medium sized businesses
  • Enterprise organisations
  • Offshore or remote teams
  • Education providers
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Healthcare centres
  • Financial services providers
  • Legal firms
  • Construction companies

For a greater insight into the types of businesses who use ActivTrak, view the chart here.

Website Blocking

As probably the most used feature of ActivTrak, website blocking enables an organisation to limit access to certain websites, such as social media or dangerous websites. Social media continues to dominate the number one reasons staff get distracted whilst online. Additionally, dangerous websites that can easily trick users can be quickly blocked to ensure your network remains safe and secure. When a user attempts to visit a blocked website, a graceful message appears with a custom message which advises the user that access is restricted.

User Privacy and GDPR

This section is not intended to replace official legal counsel. We are not legal experts. Please consult your lawyer.

As a business, it is understandable to know how the use of monitoring software may compromise staff privacy and how the data collection falls in line with recent GDPR laws. 

  1. ActivTrak does not monitor or record keystrokes, collect passwords or any other information from personal profiles. Because of this, not only ActivTrack known as the friendly monitoring software, but the discrete software agent works and collaborates well with most popular security solutions.
  2. A recurring theme in the GDPR is transparency. In this regulation, it’s a person’s right to know their data is being collected – at least in most circumstances. And while there are a few exceptions, you’ll be safer if you inform your employees that you want to gather their work data. Being transparent is a great place to start, and it opens the door to a relationship built on trust.
  3. Have a specific reason or reasons for using ActivTrak and make sure your team understands those reasons. The law is very clear: “Personal data shall be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.” If your mission changes and your purposes for collecting data stray from your original intent, you must inform your team that you’ve made the change.
  4. For organisations gathering data on people in the EU, you’ll have to provide documentation to employees so they understand how you plan to collect data and that they consent to it. You can do this in a clear and explicit written form. Remember, employees have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.
  5. The GDPR outlines the right of erasure, or “right to be forgotten.” This means that if a person decides they want their information deleted, then in most circumstances, it needs to be erased.
  6. Many businesses are regulated by a governing body, who may request that all sensitive data is stored securely on site. ActivTrak offers the ability to store all information captured locally on-premises to help a company stay compliant. 

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