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Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband, or more correctly Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWB), is the use of wireless technology to deliver an internet service to your premises without the need for installation of physical internet lines. The service is typically delivered by the installation of a wireless receiver or dish mounted on a mast above your premises. Whilst this solution is often used for rural areas with limited data infrastructure, it is becoming a popular option for businesses in all areas due to its quick installation times and low running costs. Our affiliation with FWB providers means we can offer you a whole range of speed and contract options, covering many parts of the Yorkshire region. We approach your requirements with an initial site visit, followed by a line of sight survey to identify the best possible connection to your premises. You can rest assure we will deliver a reliable and hassle-free service to your business.

Why people are choosing Fixed Wireless Broadband

The attraction to a FWB connection stems from the lengthy process of getting a leased line or fixed business broadband connection to a premises. With leased lines typically taking 3-6 months to install, and regular business broadband up to 4 weeks, wireless broadband can be installed in much quicker times, often within a week. This is because you are not relying on an ISP to carry out length works, and many of the wireless equipment is available off the shelf ready for next day delivery. Apart from a modest one off installation cost, monthly running costs tend to be on par with regular business broadband and are much lower than a leased line.

Speed and Reliability

The nature of a wireless link has given it the perception of being unreliable and slow. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Advancements in wireless technology have enabled customers to expect leased line-like quality of service, offering both a high speed data connection and very high uptimes. It is common for wireless broadband to deliver hundreds of megabits in connectivity, with very low latency, making it an ideal alternative to an expensive leased line. Some customers may have concerns about the reliability of a wireless link during adverse weather conditions, such as in heavy rain or wind. With modern equipment, downtimes are very rare and you can expect a very reliable connection. If your requirements are more mission critical, you can opt to have more advanced carrier-grade wireless equipment. At Ridge IT, we have deployed wireless broadband connections that have carried VoIP data without any issues of dropped calls or high latency.
We have teamed up with providers of Fixed Wireless Broadband connections and are able to provide services to most parts of the Yorkshire region. From initial site inspections and line of sight surveys right up to handover, we take full management of the process and provide you with ongoing support. We offer a wide range of speed options to suit all requirements and budgets. For more information, please contact us.

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