Standalone Access Control

Offline or standalone access control systems can provide rapid and cost-effective solutions to securing a site with a small number of doors and users. Such systems typically work by utilising a fob/card reader, or a keypad, with an electronic lock to control access to a door.

Standalone systems are a great option for a small number of users, where advanced functionality such as tracking and scheduling is not required. We offer a range of systems from leading manufacturers including Paxton and Codelocks.

Type of Solution

There are numerous solutions for standalone access control systems, and the solution will depend on factors such as cost, and level of security required. Examples of these systems are outlined below

  • Paxton - Compact range
    The Compact range of control equipment from Paxton is an ideal solution for internal low security doors, where the system is housed in an all-in-one control unit that integrates a reader and electronic lock control for easy installation. The system is easy to administer using special function cards which are used to add or remove users, control door open times and configure other functionality. The Compact range of equipment is easy to install and quick to deploy.

  • Paxton - Switch2 range
    The Switch2 range of control equipment from Paxton offer many of the benefits from their Compact range with improvements to the security of the system to avoid tampering. This is achieved by enabling the control unit to be installed in a more secure area of the building, separating the proximity reader or keypad from the control unit and thereby drastically improving the integrity of the system and making it less prone to vandalism and unauthorised entry.

  • Codelocks - NetCode enabled locks
    NetCode enabled locks from Codelocks are a great hybrid solution that offer smart functionality for multi-user access and can also operate independently. The locks work on time sensitive codes that can be generated through a web portal and limits can be set on how many times a code can be used, and the start and end dates. These codes can be sent to users via an SMS or email automatically, and the platform offers an API to enable third party integrations. We have deployed NetCode enabled locks for clients for a wide variety of requirements, from granting temporary access to service engineers, to upgrading lockers used in communal locations. One particularly useful implementation of NetCode locks are in apartment sharing platforms, such as Airbnb. Using the web-portal, you can create temporary codes to grant access to the premises and forget having to deal with keys at check in and checkout. By using temporary codes, you can drastically improve the security of your premises by minimising the risks of duplicate keys being made, and denying access to those unfavourable guests. For one particular client, we implemented a system that sent the guest an access code automatically once a booking was made.

The Right Solution For You

At Ridge IT, our dynamic approach to customer requirements means we can tailor solutions to each client to ensure we are meeting their needs. We have an in-depth understanding of access control systems, and can integrate third party applications to deliver a truly bespoke solution. For more information, please contact us here.

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