Business Broadband

Business broadband is a great option for businesses looking to get a high speed connection for a relatively low running cost. The reason providers can offer these services at low costs is a result of being able to utilise the same backbone connection to the exchange to serve many customers in the area. This type of broadband is referred to as a contended connection, and as such you are sharing the network speed with others in the area. Whilst most of the time you will get a fast connection, providers cannot guarantee this.

Advantages over leased line

One of the main differences between business broadband and a leased line is the availability of the service and speeds attainable. While leased lines do provide a superior services, this does come at a great initial cost, as well as high running costs and specialist equipment. With business broadband, you  still receive a reliable connection and most of the time are offered a business grade router for a reliable hassle-free service. Business broadband is also much quicker to get set up and have shorter contract lengths.
We have the experience and partnerships to help you get connected in the quickest times. We will liaise with providers from day one to ensure you have a smooth and hassle free installation, and provide you with ongoing support. For more information, please contact us.

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