Connected Access Control

Online or connected Access Control systems enable the centralised management of doors and users. They are also highly customisable and come with a rich feature-set such as schedules, reports, user groups, event tracking and much more. We offer systems from leading manufacturers including Paxton and Salto, and will tailor the right solution for your requirements.

These types of systems are controlled through a central computer running a special access control software. Most software, such as Paxton Net2, offer advanced functionality that allow granular control of doors and users, making it easy to add and remove users, create schedules, produce reports and access logs, integrate with other systems in the building, and are highly scalable. They also support a range of tokens including fobs and magstripe cards (with support for MIFARE® and HID™ Prox® cards), and a wide array of accessories such as keypads, proximity readers, and biometric readers.

The central management software gives building managers immediate access to configure doors and user access rights from one location, drastically reducing staffing costs and enabling rapid deployment of changes to access policies. You can also connect several buildings together, enabling you to control all doors and users across multiple sites from a single location.


Some of the notable integrations connected access control systems can accommodate include the ability to work alongside your building CCTV. IP based CCTV from several manufacturers enable the access control system to record images and videos of individuals using their access tokens to access doors. A feature such as this can be incredibly time saving if you need to quickly see who accessed a door and at what time. Another notable integration is with hotel software, for seamless key-cutting for guests at point of check in. The benefits of this go beyond just time saving, but help to improve building security by automatically creating tokens that are specific to the guest and room, and only for the duration of their stay. Lost or unreturned cards will no longer compromise the security of your premises.

At Ridge IT, we have deployed connected access control systems from small residential blocks, to larger schemes including business centres and hotels. For more information on how we can help your business, please contact us here.

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