What is Access control?

Access Control systems provide the primary role of preventing unauthorised entry to secure areas. Break-ins can result in great expense to a business, from stolen equipment, to business disruption. The loss of critical data can even further cause a great deal of distress to a business, resulting in down time and potential reputation damage. By deploying an access control system, you can help maintain a higher level of protection and verification of users. We offer a range of options from leading manufacturers including Salto, Paxton, and Codelocks.

The Need for Access Control

It is often hard to quantify the benefits of controlling access to a premises, and this could be even harder if you’ve been fortunate in not experiencing a break-in. However, access control systems do provide tangible benefits that should be considered. Possibly the largest benefit is the ability to control access to a premises, or part of a premises, without the cost of having to manage keys and replace locks. The nature of these systems means you can change codes to doors on the fly, and depending on the system used, monitor who has accessed a door and when. Some systems even go a step further by integrating with your building CCTV and capturing images of those who have had access. This level of control is only available through an access control system, and we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a solution that meets you budget and requirements.

Types of Access Control Systems

Broadly speaking, access control systems can be categorised into three categories; namely, online, offline and intercom systems.

  • Online (or connected)
    An online system is networked and is managed from a central computer, which allows you full control in real time of the doors and users in the building. You can quickly carry out tasks such as adding or removing users in an efficient manner. Online systems are great for large buildings and save countless hours when configuring access rights. Find out more here.

  • Offline (or standalone)
    An offline system on the other hand is more standalone. Each door has a separate mechanism for controlling access, and any changes would need to be done at each door. The benefit of these systems is the low upfront costs and are effective for small sites with few doors to manage. Find out more here.

  • Intercom
    Intercom systems provide a means of allowing external users to ring in to separate areas of the building and for the internal users to grant access. Modern IP based systems provider greater functionality by enabling an integration with an access control system, and for advanced features such as leaving video messages and easy management of handsets. Find out more here.

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