The prevalence of CCTV installations has helped to deter vandals and help reduce crime. A premises with CCTV is less likely to be broken into, and can help with an investigation. CCTV has traditionally relied on analogue technology for the capture and storage of imagery, whilst more modern systems are network connected and provide a far superior user experience.

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Needn't break the bank

A CCTV installation has traditionally been viewed as a significant investment, however with advancements in technology and falling prices, there’s never been a better time to commission a CCTV system. Our experience with camera installations means we can recommend systems from a whole host of manufacturers to suit your needs.

Wired, wireless, and battery-operated options

Most CCTV systems operate on a wired basis, i.e. they have two wires: one to carry power, and another to carry the video signal. Newer IP based systems work over ethernet cables and frequently utilise Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity to carry power and data over a single cable, helping to reduce installation costs.

Manufacturers have now gone a step further by introducing wireless cameras that can be powered through a local power outlet, or on battery power. Battery operated CCTV provides for a truly wireless installation, and whilst the initial outlay may be higher, the cost savings in running cables can easily showcase the benefits.

Smart remote viewing

Most newer CCTV systems feature the ability to view live feeds and recordings through the internet from anywhere in the world using a mobile, tablet or desktop computer. Many of our installations include remote viewing features as standard, so you can keep an eye on your business from anywhere.


The advent of IP CCTV has meant that footage can be captured at a much higher resolution, providing for a superior image quality that can be invaluable in an investigation. Because the system is also connected to a network, it can be viewed from a wide range of devices and remote locations.

IP based CCTV systems offer a whole host of benefits and we install systems that come with excellent management software for central control. IP cameras can take incredibly clear images, and can be configured to send alerts when movements are detected.

We provide CCTV systems from leading manufacturers including Ubiquiti Networks and HIKVISION.

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CCTV Planning

At Ridge IT, we approach a CCTV installation with great care and appreciate the sensitive nature of a camera system. We conduct initial site surveys and produce a plan and position layout to ensure maximum coverage of your premises. During our planning, we take into consideration privacy laws to ensure the privacy of public spaces and other people’s property is not compromised. We offer CCTV systems from a wide range of manufacturers to suit all budgets and requirements.

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