Connectivity is Essential

Being connected to the internet is now as essential as any other utility. Many businesses actively rely on an internet connection to conduct their day to day business activities. The requirement for a reliable internet connection is business critical and of paramount importance for some businesses. Internet downtime can mean losses in revenue and reputation, and so it can be critical to have a reliable and high-speed internet connection.
Whether your business requires broadband, or a dedicated leased line, we will help you find a connection that meets your budget and requirements. Advancements and falling costs of specialist wireless equipment have also made it possible to utilise wireless broadband and wireless point to point links.

Internet Services

  1. Dedicated Leased Lines
    A leased line in plain English is a symmetric point to point dedicated data link. Ok that wasn’t very plain. In simpler terms, a leased line provides your business with a dedicated connection, not shared by anyone else, that provides high upload and download speeds all times of the day. Contrary to common understanding, leased lines provide more than just an internet connection. They allow a business to create a secure private network between multiple offices, to enable the sharing of files and other resources such as telephony. Leased lines often come with one-off set up costs, and relatively higher monthly charges. Through our affiliation with several major ISP’s, we are able to offer you a leased line with a wide range of speed options and contract lengths. Find out more here.

  2. Business Broadband
    Perhaps one of the most common internet connections to businesses is the business broadband. This type of connection is akin to your normal home broadband but are more geared towards the demands of businesses. With business broadband, you can expect high speed internet connections at considerably lower running costs to a leased line. The nature of this product means you are sharing the network with others in the area, and so are not guaranteed speeds all times of the day. From our experience, a quality ISP will usually provide you with a fast connection most times of the day. One of the major benefits of business broadband is the quick setup times, and the low running costs. Find out more here.

  3. Wireless Broadband
    Wireless broadband is a fairly new concept. It is the use of wireless data links to provide your premises with a high speed and reliable internet connection. This is referred to as Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWB). The use of this technology can be incredibly effective in areas where traditional communication infrastructure are lacking, such as copper or cellular data services, especially in rural areas. With a FWB, you are not relying on an ISP to provide you with a service, which makes setting up of wireless data links quick and cost effective. At Ridge IT, we have deployed wireless data links for some of our clients, which has resulted in them saving thousands of pounds on monthly running costs compared to traditional connections. Find out more here.
  4. Wireless Multi-Site Networks
    Advancements in wireless networking technology has introduced solutions to businesses that were once reserved for the likes of telecom carriers. Using special wireless equipment, you can establish a wireless data link between two or more physically distant sites that can be up to 20 or more miles away. Imagine this as an invisible cable running between two locations helping to share resources at minimal cost. A wireless link enables you to create a unified private and secure network for sharing of files and resources, such as an internet connection. They are a great solution for multi-site businesses, since they can drastically reduce your running costs. Compared to a leased line, there is minimal costs after installation. Find out more here.

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