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Businesses that want complete control of their data and networking may opt to have an onsite server installed. Being on-site means you have complete physical control over your systems without having to rely on a third party. This data control may be of particular importance for certain sectors such as legal or medical firms, where they may be regulated and must hold client data securely on-premises. Other popular uses of a server is for hosting shared applications, such as Sage accounting software. By design, servers are made to operate 24/7 and come with built in resilience features such as redundant storage and backup power supplies. By centralising your storage and applications, you minimise the risk of downtime wreaking havoc to your operation. We have deployed servers to host networked storage, and more complicated mixed-use servers that host applications, act as a proxy server, and provide networked antivirus protection.
At Ridge IT, we help you cut through the noise of confusion when approaching your IT requirements. We take a hands-on approach from day one by trying to understand your business and the IT required to help you run efficiently. We project manage all your IT installations, and with our wealth of experience, we can provide you with extended services and all the IT you need, under one roof.

Uses of an On-Site Server

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  • Hosting Shared Software
    On-site servers are a powerful tool for helping your business run shared resources. A common use of servers is to host shared software, such as Sage Accounts, and also to provide shared network storage (a local cloud drive). On-site servers can be great for regulated businesses that must hold client data securely on premises. With the server physically being located on premises, this proves to be a great solution for businesses such as law firms. Our experience with server installations allow us to recommend the right kind for your requirements. Below we outline commons uses of servers and their benefits. For multi-user applications, using a server means that common data is always kept up to date, and should individual workstations fail, the data held on the server remains safe and secure.

  • Network Storage
    A server with shared storage provides flexibility by allowing you to create user-specific or department-specific shared locations. By storing common data on network shares, all authorised users will have access to the same data and so this avoids data sharing through emails and external storage devices which lead to duplicates and inconsistent data. As servers have built in redundancy tools, you also benefit from ensuring that business data is not lost or corrupted. Shared storage also provide the additional benefit of being able to use the same equipment to host other applications in the future.

  • Proxy Server
    A proxy server means that the server stands in between the local network and the internet, helping to screen traffic and intercept malicious websites to safeguard your internal network. Many businesses opt to block access to certain websites (such as social media) to ensure users do not waste precious work hours using them. Other useful features of a proxy server is to segment your network and allocate bandwidth, and to cache frequently accessed websites to improve load times for users.

  • Network Anti-Virus
    Keeping your business and data safe is one of the most important aspects for many businesses. With anti-virus solutions hosted on an on-site server, you can keep your business data and workstations safe from cybercrime and malware. A networked antivirus scanner will ensure your network is kept safe and provides for silent virus scanning to all devices connected to the network. They also provide a centralised management console for quick deployment and monitoring.

Servers come in all shapes and forms and in all price categories. We have the experience in being able to offer you the right solution for your business. Speak to us and we will advise if an on-site server is right for you.

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