Range of Wireless Options

Wireless networks come in many forms and shapes. Customers have traditionally understood a wireless network to mean a Wi-Fi connection to provide internet. Whilst this is still the primary use of such networks, advancements in radio technology have paved the way to new innovative wireless networking solutions. At Ridge IT, we have deployed wireless networks from small scale installations to larger office buildings. Our experience allows us to deliver a solution to you that is right for your budget, whilst providing you the fastest and most secure experience. We offer a range of enterprise-grade equipment from leading manufacturers including HP's Aruba and Cisco's Meraki, or licence-free options including Ubiquiti's UniFi, or TP-Link's Omanda range of equipment.

  1. Wi-Fi Service
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    One of the most common implementations of a wireless network is to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to users by using access points. The system involves the installation of access points throughout a premises that provide users with the means of connecting to the network through their wireless enabled devices. Access points enable a cost effective and scalable solution that can deliver high speed and secure connections to devices. Most access points also only require a single network cable to operate, which provides both data and power over a single cable to drastically reducing installation costs. The nature of access points means you can always add more down the line to expand your wireless network’s reach, and offer advanced features such as multiple wireless network names, guest networks, and data rate limiting. From single offices, to whole apartment blocks, we have the experience to deploy a fast and robust Wi-Fi network. We offer access points that suit many scenarios, including those mounted on a ceiling, onto an electrical wall back box, or even branded units. Our approach is very dynamic and we will work with you to achieve what you require.

  2. Outdoor Wi-Fi
    The thought of a Wi-Fi network has traditionally been limited to indoor use. When customers required the use of their network outside, the solution would typically involve the installation of range extenders at the nearest external wall to boost their wi-fi signal. The experience often leaves much to be desired with flaky signal quality, and low connection speeds. Manufacturers have developed networking equipment that can withstand the elements which can be installed outside a premises. These outdoor access points extend the reach of your network to outside the premises whilst not compromising on speed and security of your network. This can be a great solution for businesses such as cafes or venues that often have outdoor customer areas.

  3. Wireless Mesh Network
    A wireless mesh network, also called a WMN, is a networking solution that enables access points to communicate with each other to provide blanket wireless coverage to a premises. Traditionally, wireless range extenders would connect to a central router and provide an extended network coverage, where each range extender would have to connect to the router to operate and this limits the signal distance achievable. The topology of a wireless mesh network is different as each access point can communicate with every other access point in the network, effectively serving as a hopping point to other access points in the system. WMN can be a cost effective solution for buildings that require wireless networking, but cannot run new data cabling. By installing access points in strategic locations, you can create a high speed and reliable wireless network in minimal time. Our design services will help you create a network that delivers robust performance at the fastest speeds.

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