Wireless Multi-Site Networks

Point-to-Point (PtP) (or Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP)) wireless networks allow you to create a unified network for two or more different physical locations without the use of dedicated leased lines or circuits. The technology works by the installation of specialised antennae on a mast at each location (provided there is a clear line of sight between each location), which can be as close as a few meters away, to as far as tens of miles away. A PtP network can greatly reduce the running costs compared to a dedicated leased line, by providing a high-speed and reliable connection to share network resources between several physical locations. We offer a multitude of options for wireless links and can provide you with a bespoke solution depending on the proximity of your premises, and the nature of your business.

Benefits of wireless links

  • High-speed connection between sites
    Wireless PtP equipment have come a long way and have matured over the years to deliver true high-speed wireless connectivity. With today’s equipment, you can expect to achieve speeds of up to 1Gbps with distances up to 20 miles. Whilst this is a theoretical maximum, most installations with a clear line of sight and relatively short distances should yield speeds between 200-300Mbps. For most applications, this is plenty of capacity and will rarely be fully utilised.

  • Low cost installation and running costs
    One of the great benefits of using a wireless link to connect multiple sites together is the relatively low installation costs and the very quick installations times when compared to a leased line. Depending on your requirements, a small installation between nearby sites could cost in the mid-high hundreds of pounds. More complex sites situated over longer distances could cost up to a few thousand pounds. The real benefit is the minimal running cost. As you own and operate the equipment, there is no service provider you have to pay on a running basis. The bulk of the cost will come only at the installation stage, leaving you with almost no operating costs down the line. At Ridge IT, we can offer you a monitored service for your wireless data link, to ensure it is always running as efficient as possible. We check in to see if any other wireless links have been installed in the area and could be causing interference, or if any new structures will pose a problem to your connections' line of sight. We can reconfigure settings and ensure your service is always optimised.

  • Resource sharing
    A popular scenario for having a wireless link installed between sites is for the sharing of business resources, such as an internet connection or a file server. The savings from sharing an internet connection can amount to thousands of pounds a month, far out weighing any installation costs of a wireless link.

Bespoke Solutions

Our wireless link solutions are bespoke to each client and their requirements. That’s why we take the time to get to know your requirements and arrange site visits to ensure a wireless solution will work for you. Our services include full project management and handover. We can support you by monitoring your wireless link and taking corrective action to rectify any potential issues.

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