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Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s offering of their popular suite of Office applications that exists on a hosted cloud platform. As Office has traditionally been an offline desktop application, Office 365 provides the same applications you have come to love but on a hosted platform with great cloud features built in; such as cloud storage and team collaboration. Microsoft Office 365 operates on a subscription model known as a Software as a Service (Saas). This is great for cashflow as there are no hefty upfront capital costs, and you pay for the service through low monthly payments. Our experience in deploying Microsoft Office 365 allows us to work around your business’ needs to ensure a smooth transition.

With Office 365 being offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, no longer does your business have to spend large capital in purchasing Microsoft Office outright, only for it to be replaced a few years down the line. With Microsoft Office 365, your office installation is always kept up to date with the latest releases, and you benefit from extended Microsoft services such as Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint. At Ridge It, we have the necessary experience in deploying Office 365, so let us help your business migrate its office application to the cloud and start taking benefit of Microsoft cloud services.

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Features of Microsoft Office 365

  • Pay As You Go
    Microsoft Office 365 is available on a subscription and can be paid for on a monthly basis. You can also pay an annual fee and benefit from reduced pricing. Microsoft Office 365 is offered on very flexible terms with no long term commitments; you pay for what you need and can cancel any time. Many businesses love the flexibility of this solution as it means no large capital outlay is necessary, helping to manage your cashflow, and they can scale up and down as their staffing requriements change.
  • Always Up to Date & On The Go
    One of the great benefits of a subscription based service is that you benefit from all new features and software versions as they are released. Microsoft Office 365 is no exception and you have access to the latest software as it is released by Microsoft. With regular security updates and feature packs, you can rest easy knowing you are running the latest and greatest versions of Office. With a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, you have the choice of downloading the suite of applications for use on a desktop, and you can also access these on the go from any internet connected device. Coupled with OneDrive, you can seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile applications for seamless transitioning.

  • OneDrive, Skype, SharePoint, Teams, and Exchange
    With a subscription to Office 365, each user gets access to extended applications, including a 1TB cloud storage with OneDrive, access to Skype for Business, SharePoint to manage and store documents, Microsoft Teams for staying in touch with colleagues, and of course the industry leading Microsoft Exchange server for great email experiences using your own business domain.

  • Centralised User Management
    The days of managing hundreds of licences for your business' Office installations can be a thing of the past. Since Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based platform, you have access to a great control panel to manage all your subscriptions and users. At the touch of a button, you can quickly and easily add and remove users, and configure advanced settings for your entire business in a few steps. On top of being able to help your business migrate to Office 365, we can happily oversee and manage your subscriptions and provide you with a simplified single monthly invoice.

We understand that whilst the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 are compelling, you may be concerned about the transition from your current workflow and potential downtimes. Having carried this out for other businesses, we understand your concerns and will work with you in trying to understand how your business operates, and how best to transition to the new platform. We appreciate that downtime is someitmes not an option, that’s why we can work outside of normal work hours to minimise disruption to your business. Give us a call today to discuss the benefits Office 365 can bring to your business.

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