Telecommunication Infrastructure

Structured Cabling refers to the way a building’s telecommunication infrastructure is set up and organised. The terminology if often more of an implementation than a product. All buildings have different architectural features, and no single deployment fits all purposes. A properly deployed structured cabling system provides flexibility to add, remove, or make changes to a networking deployment. The inverse of this can be thought of as a messy cabinet that does not follow a systematic method for installation of cabling and hardware. A messy configuration makes it hard to make changes to cables and hardware, and means the system more prone to errors.
Our team of engineers are experienced in setting up a unified and organised system of cables and hardware to enable a building’s IT infrastructure to be efficiently managed and upgraded in the future. We utilise patch panels for organisation of cabling and follow best practices for installation of hardware to ensure adequate ventilation and airflow. Our cables are always individually tested, and can provide electronic plans of the installation as-fitted with supporting documentation. Should you require cable certification, our engineers are trained to use the Fluke DSX-5000 cable certifier.

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