Dedicated Leased Lines

A dedicated leased line provides your business with a secure and private internet connection that is not shared with any other user. With a dedicated leased line, you are provided with a fibre connection from the exchange to your premises so that you benefit from the speeds you pay for. A leased line provides you with a symmetric connection, meaning that upload and download speeds are the same, ensuring you your team can share large files without affecting other users. Many businesses whose activity is heavily reliant on an internet connection choose a leased line to ensure downtimes are minimal and any faults are resolved in the shortest times. At Ridge IT, we can offer you a leased line with a range of speed options and contract lengths to suit your requirements.

Benefits of a leased line

  • Dedicated
    With a dedicated leased line, you get what it says on the tin; a dedicated connection. The connection is entirely for your private use, and for you only. A fibre line is installed from the exchange direct to your premises, allowing you to have full access to the speed and security of the connection. With regular business broadband, the link from the local cabinet to the exchange is shared amongst other users in the area. This is called a contended connection; where your connection speeds vary depending on usage of other users in the area. A leased line will provide you with an un-contended connection, guaranteeing connection speed and availability at all times.
  • Symmetrical
    Leased lines offer a symmetrical connection, meaning that your upload and download speeds are the same. Whether you want to send a large file across the network, or download the latest software, both will happen at the same speed. With many leased lines offering speeds of up to 1Gbps, you can imagine the potential to your business with such connectivity.
  • Monitored
    Unlike regular broadband, a leased line is a managed service. By definition, you are “leasing” the line from another provider, which means they must ensure the connection is always available. Your leased line provider will have monitoring in place and will notify you if there ever is a breakdown in the connection. They will usually know about faults before you do, and will have already started on a repair.

  • Service Availability
    Most internet services are coupled with what’s known as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), i.e. the maximum time a provider will take to fix a fault and ensure availability of the service. Leased line often come with fast fault fixing SLAs, anywhere from 4-12 hours, whilst regular business broadband could be anywhere from 24-48 hours. For business-critical connections, having a leased line in place will give you the peace of mind knowing should any faults develop, they will be fixed in the quickest manner.

  • Flexibility
    One of the great benefits of leased lines it the flexibility of the connection. Often, you will incur an installation charge to get connected. Past that point, you have the choice of speed and contract periods and could be changed without having to change any hardware. Leased lines typically come with a 1Gbps barrier, meaning you can choose any speed up to the barrier and pay only for that speed.

At Ridge IT, we really take the hassle out of getting connected. We involve ourselves from day one by conducting site surveys to identify entry and installation points, right up to liaising with providers for installation and commissioning. Coupled with our networking services, we can oversee your entire IT infrastructure installation from initial call to a complete network solution. We genuinely love this sort of work, so give us a call to discuss you requirements.

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