IP-Based Intercom Systems

For large buildings requiring an intercom installation, an IP based system is often the standard of choice. These allow the central management of the system, and can allow for a large number of handsets, which traditionally would require a system upgrade once the system capacity is exceeded. With an IP based system, you can take advantage by forgoing the need for special wiring and use existing network infrastructure, often Cat5 cables. Additionally, the system offers great scalability and flexibility options with some models supporting SIP calling, meaning the entry panel can dial to a user’s telephone, saving costs on internal handsets. With this system, you have complete control in how you want to answer calls.

Example: Paxton Net2 entry Panels

The Paxton Net2 Entry Panels are one of our favourite intercom systems. They come packed with great features and provide you with faultless operation day in, day out. Our customers have given great feedback on the internal handsets, and particularly love the large premium colour displays that provide for clear video and audio. Advanced features such as “Do not disturb” mean that you can set the handset to reject any calls and provide the caller with a busy tone. With the added features of video messages, you can view these later at your convenience.

Bespoke systems

Our experience in installing IP based intercom systems and integrating these with other systems in the building enables us to provide you with a bespoke solution that meets your requirements

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