Anyone with something worth protecting knows that security matter. However, most people aren't aware that the system that their security cameras use matters too. 
It does. 
Security cameras are the number one deterrent when it comes to protecting your property, and having the right system in place makes a big difference in terms of both performance and cost. 
Let's briefly examine why your security cameras should use an IP CCTV system over an analogue CCTV system.

IP CCTV Versus Analogue CCTV: What's the Difference? 

The difference between an IP CCTV system and an analogue CCTV system is small yet critical. A traditional analogue CCTV system is comprised of a set of unique electrical connections running from each camera to a main recording system where the data is converted and stored. A modern IP CCTV system, on the other hand, is composed of independent cameras that immediately convert the images to digital form within the camera, and then use your existing network infrastructure to send the information to its desired location(s). 
So what does this difference mean for performance and cost? 

Video Quality and Resolution 

A security camera system is only as effective as the images that it produces, and IP CCTV far exceeds analogue CCTV in this respect. IP CCTV creates a level of detail and resolution, especially in terms of zooming in on recorded images, that is far more effective for gathering critical security information. 
With IP CCTV, grainy and obscure security footage is a thing of the past. 

Simplified Infrastructure 

An analogue CCTV system means a mess of independent cables running throughout your property between each camera and your main security centre. This is both expensive and inefficient. An IP CCTV system can be integrated into your existing network infrastructure, allowing for far more flexibility and upgradability when it comes to designing and implementing your system. A simpler and more cost effective security camera system means that you can afford to use more cameras in more critical locations, thereby ensuring that your system provides the highest degree of security for the lowest cost. 

Management and Features 

The fact that the digitization occurs in each separate camera in an IP CCTV system means that you have many more features and much more flexibility when it comes to managing your security system. By contrast, analogue CCTV systems are clunky and provide limited flexibility when it comes to managing performance. 


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