There's no hiding from the fact we live in the digital age. These days almost everything is done online, and anything that isn't done online probably soon will be. There is just no competing with the comfort, ease and effectiveness of conducting virtually all our affairs online. From shopping to setting appointments and from business meetings to product launches, being online means reaching the most people through the most effective communication medium. However, there are still many businessed that do not yet have the core element of a successful online presence: a website.

While most business owners acknowledge that they should have a website for their business, they are intimidated by the process and convince themselves that they can put it off until next week or next month or next year. Let's take a quick look at why a website is a necessity for every single business in the digital age.



Even if your online presence just starts off with the absolute basics, this at least lets existing and potential customers know who you are, where you are, and how to get in contact with you. A website provides the world with an online portal into your business, providing them with core information to help promote your business and services.



Building up from the basics, your website is also by far the most cost efficient and effective way to advertise your business. All it takes is a little bit of written content about your business alongside its name and location, and you will start hitting the top spots for relevant searches on the popular search engines. With a little more effort, you can host attractive pictures of your business, its products and services, and you and your staff. This puts an image to the name and let's people see in detail what your business is all about. You can even add special deals and limited time offers to help entice customers to buy what you're offering.


Customer Engagement

Going a step beyond advertising, your website allows for a level of customer engagement that is only matched by good old face-to-face service. Your website will help to drive customers from merely glancing at your homepage to clicking through to the information that they need to decide whether or not they want to buy your products or services. From a frequently asked questions page (or FAQ), to a comments and feedback section or even an online forum where your customers can engage with you and each other to discuss your products, your website can allow your customers to feel like they are part of a valued community with you and your business at the centre. This level of customer engagement is what builds brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back again.


At Rigde IT, we understand how overwhelming it is to approach a new website development. We promise to make it as simple as possible, and can provide you with simple one page website, to more complex websites with integrated customer engagement features. We will work with you towards meeting your budgets, and take the time to understand your business so we can deliver a website you can be proud of. Find out more here or contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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