Many businesses rely on remote server hosting to support their websites, databases, and other server-side services, but often overlook the benefits of equipping your company with on-site servers. On-site servers allow an enhanced level of versatility and functionality not possible with remote hosting services, with some features proving critical for certain types of businesses.


Data Security and Shared Storage

Storing files on a network can improve productivity for many companies, but on-site hosting carries many benefits over cloud server hosting. Businesses in the legal or health care fields (or any other sector that commonly handles sensitive information) tend to consider on-site hosting essential for their daily operations. Storing sensitive data and profiles on a remote host can be troublesome for security in multiple ways: not only do you need to trust the hosting service with any data being stored on their servers, but you also have to worry about individuals accessing the data through web attacks or unauthorised physical access. Hosting a server on-site to store sensitive information allows you to control who has access to the data and reduce the threat of targeted online attacks, and data theft during transit via the internet.


Proxy Server Functions

Proxy servers function in two ways: first, they control what data from the web reaches your network, protecting it from unauthorized users and malicious code. Secondly, they can also restrict what websites and information users on the network can access. This may be useful for companies that wish to restrict social media access during work hours.



Every business should cover their PCs with an antivirus software of some kind, and having that software hosted on an on-site server can eliminate much of the hassle and IT issues associated with separate antivirus installations on individual computers. Network-based antiviruses also better protect the network as a whole in case viruses and other malicious code make it past your first security barriers.


Shared Software

Some types of software can be used by multiple computers on a network simultaneously, allowing group projects to thrive with increased productivity and communication. Most of these programs require an on-site server dedicated to connecting these computers together and ensuring minimal latency between them. One popular software that relies on a server installation is Sage Accounts. By hosting the software on a server, you ensure that all users benefit from the same user experience with minimal down time.


Ridge IT has helped many businesses install on-site servers that provide multiple functions including shared network storage, as well as hosting shared software. We take a hands on approach to understanding your business' needs, and will help you to depoloy a reliable server solution. Find out more here or contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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