Five Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Backup Today

The vast majority of business owners will have some notion of what the 'cloud' is and how it relates to data storage and protection, but many still have not taken the steps to ensure that they are enjoying the enormous benefits of switching to cloud technology for their data storage. 
Switching to a cloud backup means that your data is no longer stored in one physical location, but is rather secured on virtual servers that are supported by a number of different high-tech data-centers from around the globe. 
This switch from physical to virtual hosting has a number of important benefits for modern business owners, and we will briefly cover the top 5 benefits to you and your business below. 
1. Lowering Infrastructure Costs

Whether it is a data storage unit in a small business or the mainframe that runs all the workstations for a corporate office, you can rapidly reduce your infrastructure costs by moving to a cloud backup for your data storage needs. 
2. Automated Backup Routines

Instead of cumbersome and inefficient periodic downloads to a hardware backup, cloud backups can be fully automated so that the process seamlessly stores critical data as it is produced. 
3. Fast Recovery

Unlike hardware backups which can take days or even weeks of specialist work to get running, a cloud backup is basically only limited by your download speed. Cloud backup data is available to begin downloading as soon as your service provider is contacted, and the information can be seamlessly directed to the relevant workstations as necessary. 
4. Reduced IT Workload

On-site backups are one of the main duties of in-house IT staff in companies that have not yet upgraded to a cloud backup. By moving your data storage to the cloud, you dramatically reduce the burden on your in-house IT staff, which both lowers costs and allows them to focus on more productive and profitable tasks. 
5. Tiered Cost Structure 
Hardware backups cannot differentiate between high value data and old non-critical data that you store for legal or procedural reasons. Therefore, the cost of storing data on hardware is a flat rate, regardless of the value and importance of the data being stored. Cloud backup service providers offer a tiered cost structure that allows you to receive the highest quality service for your critical data, while your non-critical data can be stored at a significantly lower cost.

Ridge IT can help provide your company with a robust and resilient cloud backup solution to ensure your critical business data is securely backed up without the worries of physical security to onsite backup solutions. Find out more here or contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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