Hardware Upgrades

Sometimes it just makes sense to upgrade existing hardware and breathe new life into your IT infrastructure. From simple memory upgrades to more complicated network overhauls, we can assist in helping you reduce costs by utilising existing equipment. One of the most common requests for hardware upgrades are to do with workstations. A simple and cost effective way of substantially improving your computing experience is through increasing computer memory, and upgrading existing hard drives to more modern and quick Solid State Drives (SSD’s). We can carry out on-site and off-site upgrades and can work around your business’s needs to ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum.
At Ridge IT, we live by a can-do attitude, and will do our very best to help you upgrade existing equipment. Through partnerships with leading UK suppliers of IT products, we have access to a wide range of components to suit many types of equipment.

Common Services Requested

  • Solid State Drive upgrades
    Traditional hard drive technology has been in use for over 50 years, and has seen consistent increments in speed and data capacity. Hard Disk Drives (HDD) rely on spinning disks to read and write data. This physical access to data means that HDDs are limited in data transfer speeds and are more prone to damage if not handled properly. Solids State Drive (SSD) technology is newer and has been used in mass production for about 15 years.
    SSDs work by storing data on microchips, and all control is electronic. By forgoing any mechanical parts, SSDs offer substantially faster data storage and are more reliable due to no moving parts. Whilst traditional hard drives are great for large data storage, SSDs are much quicker, and with prices reaching all time lows, this is a great time to transition your workstations to SSDs. During the upgrade process, we will create a mirror image of your existing data and port this onto an SSD. To the user, they experience no difference in operation or data loss, but benefit from significantly faster load times and a better experience. Upgrades can be done on-site or off-site, and can be carried out outside normal work hours.

  • RAM upgrades
    Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the volatile fast storage inside a computer that holds data currently in use by the system. For example, when you are editing a word document, the file is held on the RAM in order to provide a fluid experience to the user. As more applications try to store files on the RAM, it will eventually get used up and the operating system has to manage the added workload by utilising the hard drive (which is much slower than RAM). To the user, they will start to experience a slower system as applications battle for space on the RAM. This typically happens when a user has many programs open at the same time (or many tabs on their browser). By upgrading your system RAM and adding more, it means your operating systems can better manage active applications and not have to rely on the slower hard drives. Most RAM upgrades are inexpensive and quick to carry out, taking only 10-15 minutes from start to finish. The added benefits can improve your business workflow and reduce inefficiencies and frustrations.

  • Networking upgrades
    Time and time again, we hear of businesses complaining about slow networks and Wi-Fi speeds. Networking equipment traditionally do not see any upgrades after they have been installed. This is particularly true of wireless routers or access points. With networking equipment taking quantum leaps in advancements, your aging wireless adapters and backbone equipment are likely to age very quickly. A quick and inexpensive way of improving your network performance is by upgrading equipment to newer gigabit technology. At Ridge IT, network installations is our forte, and we will work with you to understand your requirements and propose a solution that will bring your networking experience up to more modern standards.

Does your business require upgrades of a different nature not listed above? We will happily consider all work and discuss your requirements with you. Our wealth of knowledge with IT hardware will help us deliver a solution that is right for you.

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